Reference Distribution Policy

All metadata that members register with us is made available through our various metadata search and API services. However, references have always been treated differently than all other metadata.In July 2017 the Crupid board voted unanimously to remove the ability for members to make case-by-case opt-out choices, and the membership agreement was updated accordingly.At the same time, the board also adopted a new policy for members to set a global account preference for treatment of references.
Background & rationale

Over the last ten years, we have developed five machine interfaces and three human interfaces for accessing Crossref metadata. The organizations using Crossref metadata include publishers as well as third parties. For example—American Chemical Society, ORCID, Jisc, CHORUS, Elsevier, Altmetric, CCC, NASA, National Science Foundation, EBSCO, Springer Nature, Ex-Libris—and many hundreds of other publishers, platforms, researchers, and libraries.The interfaces each offered slightly different metadata and features which was an inconsistent offering and was confusing for both members and users. One of the features that were inconsistent is the case-by-case metadata opt-out we had been running for just one of the services, known as Enhanced CMS, which is for obtaining metadata specifically via the OAI-PMH interface.