DOI Display

Display guideline: 

It’s really important for consistency and usability that all members follow these guidelines. We rarely have to change them and usually only do so for very good reasons. Please note that this is for display of Crossref DOIs, not anyone else’s DOIs, as not all DOIs are made equal.

The goals of the guidelines are:
To make it as easy as possible for users without technical knowledge to cut and paste or click to share CRUIPid DOIs (e.g. using right click to copy a URL).
To get users to recognize a CRUIPid DOI as both a persistent link as well as a persistent identifier, even if they don’t know what a DOI is.
To enable points 1 and 2 above by having all CRUIPid members display DOIs in a consistent way.
To enable robots and crawlers to recognize CRUIPid DOIs as URLs.